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I am a doctor at a dermatology clinic in Korea. I see a large number of patients during the day, similar to other clinics in Korea.

However, I have been interested in computer programming since my school days, and I have experience in developing multilingual programs based on Unicode, developing open source online game servers or running apache2 web server. I have worked on several projects (The first Korean typewriter program on windows OS - Dreaming of Tentacle, MedicalPhoto, and DolServer).

Recently, I have been trying to apply deep-running technology to the dermatology field. We are training CNN models such as VGG, ResNet, SENet with BVLC Caffe.

The Korean medical system is a government-led inexpensive medical system. This is why you have to see an incredibly large number of patients. I also see an average of more than 110 patients on an average of 8 hours a day. But because of this, I have a lot of dermatology images to be used for deep running.

The Model Dermatology ( is a DEMO site, the server side is created using Python's SimpleHTTPServer, and the Client side is created using standard html5, javascript and several open source plugins (cropit, signaturepad).

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